A Leader in Silicone Coated Fabrics

As we move forward to a more sustainable future, new materials are being introduced to the market, from vegan leather to plastic-free textiles. It is the innovation of the century! A never-ending world of discovery! Sileather Silicone Fabric is no different; an innovator in the synthetic leather industry, combining the texture of leather and the excellent performance of silicone. It is a brand represented by Siotech Group, an international collective consisting of Siotech Corporation (USA), Siotech France (Europe), and Siotech Hangzhou (Asia). As a future-oriented company, Sileather aims to introduce innovative materials that conserve resources and protect the well-being of people and the planet. How does that work?


Sileather Fabric is labelled as a “vegan leather”, as it is PVC/PU free, animal friendly, and waterproof, yet still retains the charm of the leather-like texture. Alongside, with solvent-free manufacturing technique and the lack of PVC or PU elements, it is much safer and healthier than traditional fabrics. Unlike PVC fabrics, there is no need to use chlorine in any of the manufacturing processes and fabrics do not lose VOC emissions throughout their life. There is no need to clog up landfills: the silicone fabric is recyclable! We do not need to harm our environment to get beautiful designs! Mother Nature shall always be kept in our minds! 


Not just that, Sileather Fabric maximizes the combination of the texture of the skin and the excellent performance of the silicone. It is composed of 100% silicone material on the surface layer, 100% silicone adhesive on the middle layer and various base fabrics such as polyester, spandex and microfiber as the base fabric. 


Now let’s look at silicone. Silicone is a sustainable product, one that saves nine times the amount of greenhouse stages used in manufacturing and disposal, enabling energy-saving technologies and more efficient use of energy and materials. The main characteristics of silicone are; temperature resistance, resistance to atmospheric agents, low surface tension, non-toxic and odorless. Therefore, the silicone in Silithear is the perfect material to be reused in electronics, automotive, and outdoor products. As for the general use of backing cloth which is polyester, it can be easily recycled, and therefore, Sileather is the perfect sustainable fabric to use today. 


Sileather has passed the most common environmental standards so you can breathe comfortably knowing that you are using a fabric that is safe for you and the environment! It is definitely a mind-blowing innovation!