A Universe of Fashion Values: The Renoon App

Sustainable. Ethical. Green. 


Three words we use to describe a brighter future! Yet, the question we keep asking ourselves is how do you define those three terms? Is there a specific way to be sustainable, ethical and green? Will we ever find a common ground to achieve them? Many questions, but not many answers. Sustainability is a broad term, a term defined differently from one another. The common ground between all being to achieve a brighter and cleaner future; a way to take care of our universe, of course mother nature being the centre of our attention!


As technology is taking over our daily lives, from transportation, music, books…etc, we are becoming more and more sustainable with just a simple swipe and click movement! The fashion industry, like many others is also taking a massive shift. How? Through introducing new technologies that aid in making our transformation to a cleaner future easy and accessible. Renoon, a leading app for sustainability and fashion is introducing the first digital window, destination and community for sustainable shopping, that aim to integrate the consumer with brands that can guide them in their sustainable, ethical and green journey. 


The app offers an entire universe of values, untold stories about sustainability and a cohesive platform, where intentions and goals become reality. We want to protect our planet, and through Renoon we can do that with just one click! The app is focused on building a new universe that envisions a greener future for fashion, by bringing together both the brands, and the consumers; it is in fact everyone’s responsibility to fuel the transformation to a promising destiny for fashion! 


The finest technology is used to extract information from sources and sustainability is processed deep into the product level, to bring us the highest standards. The app is developed with the help of the foremost experts in the field; aligned with the United Nations sustainable development goals, as well as the fashion industry’s highest resources. Renoon allows the consumer to find transparently in which areas of sustainability brands are focusing on, but only features the products that meet the standards of their framework. Through personalisation, the experience is tailored to create your own universe with topics you care about, and brands that you discover and love. 


From the perspective of our world, a world focussed on luxury vegan handbag manufacturing. Renoon champions so many incredible brands that are aligned with our manufacturing philosophy at Veshin. A philopshy centered on vegan leather alternatives, sustainability & ethically made bags & accessories. To date here are the bag brands that Renoon is carrying: Alkeme Atelier, Matt & Nat, Ashoka Paris, Luxtra, Fablou, Boita, Canussa, Svala, Six-Realms, Gunas New York, Melina Bucher, The Morphbag by GSK, Mashu, Pinqponq, Inyati, Hvisk, Silfen, Becksöndergaard, Ucon Acrobatics, Jenah St, Story 81…and so many others with different values as their core focus.


Sustainable shopping is made easier! Renoon is challenging the values of fashion! It is a platform that brings all like-minded members of fashion together, introducing us to different brands that are ethical and offer sustainability as the core of their identity. Through Renoon, we can work together towards a positive environmental impact. 


We can no longer say sustainability is not accessible! Its just a click away folks! Download the app, and lets change our green DREAMS to REALITY!