As an organisation, we have five core value objectives. The first is to be as sustainable as we can be in every aspect of what we do. The second requires us to be completely transparent with every part of our process. The third sees us encouraging and supporting next-gen materials wherever possible. The fourth requires us to give back where we can. And the fifth, and most important, is our commitment to raising consciousness by being kind and doing the right thing. It is our belief that by being conscious and radiating positivity in every aspect of both our working practice and day to day lives, we can not only revolutionise the fashion industry but generate lasting and meaningful global change for people and planet.

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Veshin is our answer

Whilst the fashion industry has strived to become more sustainable over the last decade, manufacturers have struggled to keep pace with the speed of change required, Veshin has made it a priority.


Veshin started its journey operating out of Joey’s business partner, Hongliang’s factory: Hermia. Hermia has been around for about 10 years and to date has specialized in manufacturing premium luxury leather goods. 


Veshin was born out of Hongliang’s journey converting to a budhist mindset and wanting to make positive environmental change. Having a business that specializes in animal leather was something that did not align with his new values. It would be impossible to change how the current factory, Hermia, operates overnight, which is why we established Veshin Factory. 


As it currently stands, Veshin will be a similar factory model to Hermia, however, the major difference will be any brand that works with Veshin will align with our core values on sustainability, radical transparency, using leather alternatives, raising consciousness & giving back to our wonderful planet. 

Senior Leadership Team

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Xiao Wei

Excecutive Director​

Xiao is from Nanjing but took her studies to Italy. Xiao has a masters in fashion design from Marangoni Milan. She has 10 years industry experience.


Joey Pringle

Founder & Co-Owner

Born & raised in Hertfordshire, England Joey has a degree in industrial design. He has worked & lived in Australia & Canada. Joey has a background in sustainable design, development & sourcing. He relocated to Guangzhou in 2020.


Hongliang Yu


Hongliang was born in Yan Shan. He has a degree in accounting and has been in the industry for 20 years. He has been the owner of his current factory for the last 7 years.

Veshin Team