Achieving Net Zero Carbon with the Planet Mark

The Covid-19 crisis that emerged in 2020 illustrated how interconnected the world is and the domino effect that is activated when an element of this system is damaged. For this reason, now more than ever we are called to follow certain behaviors in order to safeguard the planet and with the prospect of a sustainable future.


The climate crisis is one of the greatest challenges of our time and having a sustainability strategy is no longer a ‘nice to have’ for companies; it is becoming imperative. In this regard, brands have emerged that ensure that a particular business or product is following the criteria of sustainability.


What is Planet Mark?


Planet Mark is a sustainability certification for any type of organization, for businesses, for real estate, and for products.


This certification can help companies strengthen their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategy and contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).


On average, Planet Mark is committed to ensuring companies make a 12% cut in absolute carbon emissions per year, a 16% carbon saving per employee per year through the reduction of energy, waste, water, travel, and supplies. How does it work? Planet Mark measures a company’s carbon and social data using readily available business information. Its team of sustainability experts supports the company in defining reporting boundaries and guiding data collection. Depending on the condition of the company, planet mark provides high-level improvement advice and management information to help the company move forward. Planet Mark’s team supports the company in every step of the process, from measurement to reduction. Its strategy is based on offering continuous learning, through workshops, webinars, toolkits, and events to build knowledge and skills. In this way, the brand provides companies with the right tools to communicate their progress and environmental and social contributions with credibility, authenticity, and transparency. building a trustworthy brand.


A high-quality sustainability certification demonstrates to stakeholders, including customers and investors, that your business is having a positive impact on the planet. Planet Mark works passionately with businesses to improve society and stop the climate crisis, and in this way, you are confident of building a brighter and more sustainable future for our planet.