ACTAsia: Compassion & Kindness For People, the Animals, and Our Beloved Planet

As we move forward into a more digital world, we are embarking on a journey to sustainability, taking care of our planet and making sure  our earth stays green. Nevertheless, sustainability does not end here! It is integral that we consider the love, compassion and  respect we have for one another, alongside the animals that share our earth, and the environment. This is the goal that gave birth to  ACTAsia, a company founded to help educate children, consumers, and professionals to promote kindness and compassion for people,  animals and the environment among Asian societies. It’s true, education is key!


Since 2006, ACTAsia has had a great impact on the lives touched through education. With the future in mind, education is at the core  of all they do, teaching children about respect and kindness, to promote responsibility among consumers for the goods they buy,  and collaborate with influential professionals in government, education, law, and veterinary practice. Now let’s look at why, when,  and how they do that! 


It all started when an Asian sociologist; Pei Su and an Indian  veterinarian came together to help Asian cultures evolve into caring  societies. This was the birth of ACTAsia! According to Pei Su “When  I was a child in Asia, not many of us grew up with pets. It was  unusual to show empathy towards animals, but more fundamentally,  it was unusual for parents to openly demonstrate love towards their  children.” This, therefore, was the motivating factor for the  charitable organisation; to educate and engrain in children the  importance of love and compassion, and how that will eventually  lead to more responsible adults, taking care of the environment and  respecting all forms of life within it. Every life is equally important, humans and animals alike! 


According to ACTAsia, it is important to accept that change will not  happen immediately! Think of it, how many of us are trying to  change the world to a better place, shifting our practices to ensure a  brighter time to come? Yes, change takes time! But, if knowledge  and education is ingrained in our children from an early age, the easier it can be to fortify a fulgent future. The process of education  comes by educating 3 main groups; children, consumers and professionals.  


Through educating children, the aim is to cultivate a deeper level of  understanding the interdependence of all living things among the  next generation – because children will eventually be responsible for a better future. Whilst, by educating the consumers about the  production process behind the goods they consume, they can make  informed decisions that don’t harm our environment, nor the  workforce behind the products. And, finally, through educating  professionals, a network is built in Asian societies to have the best practice and knowledge of the importance of considering the  animals’ welfare, and make sure the standards are in place and upheld.  


Nevertheless, ACTAsia does not only focus on education, but also awareness through campaigns and protests. For example, in 2011,  they launched a Fur Free Life campaign, to target Chinese  consumers. This was due to the fact that the Chinese fur industry was expanding and causing terrible suffering to animals, but also  resulting in serious pollution that has affected the ecosystem terribly. As a member of the Fur Free Retailer scheme, they have  recruited 30 retailers in Asia to commit to using ethical alternatives to fur by sharing our research into the practices used by the fur industry. It is definitely mind-blowing how much a single concept can be spread quickly, and by working hand in hand, along with education, we can definitely get an outlook into the future that we wish and hope for!  


At Veshin, we make sure to work and support for a cleaner time to  come, and by working with ACTAsia, we are contributing and making an effort to sustain the health of the lives that shape up our planet. It is a way to give back, aiding in the formation of sustainability that encompasses everything that goes beyond just our products, but making sure that humanity is achieved! Just one  simple concept; open your hearts, and let your compassion drive you!