Everyday a new innovative material is introduced to us. We go through a site, a blog or an Instagram account and we learn of a new sustainable concept that is aiding in making the earth more green. We learn of the challenges that our eco system witnesses, and the pollution and harm we cause as humans. We don’t know about you, but it definitely makes us shed a tear! It is therefore, a necessity that we shift our practices to more sustainable and greener ones to insure a healthier world ahead.


This is how BLOOM was introduced. In 2007 Ryan Hunt began researching algae technology as a way to solve emerging problems with pollution in our environment. In 2010, Ryan teamed up with Mike Van Drunen, an engineer and entrepreneur, co-founding Algix, beginning the mission to use algae as a means of cleaning the environment while providing algae-based sustainable materials to the world. Fast forward to 2016, BLOOM was born, and introduced the first algae-blended EVA to the footwear industry as a sustainable ingredient in flexible foams for high rebound applications such as shoes, sporting products, and accessories. Amazing isn’t it? Years of trials and errors, but we can finally say the world was presented with the first ever sustainable foam.


While the issue of pollution remains standing still today, BLOOM is one step ahead! One of the main gaols and commitments at BLOOM is to make sure that they reduce their carbon footprint. You would ask what difference would that make? Well…it takes one to set the trend, and we hope others will follow the way! Up until today, BLOOM has ensured that 897,023,252 litres of water has been cleaned, alongside 562,088,520 cubic meters of air.




BLOOM tackles algae to transform water and air pollution into a replacement for plastics in consumer products. Every product they produce contributes in cleaning polluted water, and capturing carbon to lower the product’s environmental footprint. It is the best of both worlds; a sustainable material that prevents pollution, and a mean to clean up the pollution that already exists. Think about it! Any new plastic made today, will be a problem for tomorrow.


Till today, BLOOM has partnered with several brands and designers, including: Adidas, Billabong, H&M, ALDO, VIVOBAREFOOT, Puma, Reformation…etc, to produce different items, from bags, to shoes, to surfboards, with sustainability in mind. With every partnership, millions of litres of water, and millions of cubic meters of air are being cleaned! The goal is to ensure a cleaner ecosystem whilst still complying to the fashion and style of the brands.


We are as surprised as you guys are! BLOOM is definitely the best of both worlds, the past and the present are woven into one concept of sustainable entity.