Veshin is proud to announce that we had recently had a BSCI audit of our factory in Guangzhou where we were awarded a high rating of a B. We are working diligently on the few areas that require improvement as our workers safety and happiness is the utmost importance to us. See our detailed ratings below and click here to view the official report document.

Our 2021 BSCI rating:


Here is how we are addressing the few areas in which we require improvement:

PA2 Audit Comments: There is no effective suggestion and appeal mechanism for stakeholders. There is no effective communication channel with stakeholders, and stakeholders can’t communicate with them in time. Company have set up an internal complaint mechanism and provided an information box for employees. According to BSCI 2.5. 

→ Our Response: Formally, the administration procedures for addressing stakeholders’ complaints were not handled proactively. The administration department will immediately release the contact information of management so that stakeholders can timely submit feedback to the company. 

PA5 Audit Comments: Factory did not establish control procedures for risk assessment of infectious diseases and infectious diseases, did not enter risk assessment of infectious diseases and infectious diseases, and did not provide relevant training to employees. 

 Our Response: Management shall immediately establish the risk assessment and control procedures for communicable diseases and non-communicable diseases, organize a risk assessment team to conduct the adits every year and regularly organize staff to conduct risk training. 

PA7 Audit Comments: The auditor found that the pressure of the eyewash set in the room was too high, which may cause injury to the staff for several times, and the eyewash could not be used for emergency flushing. 

 Our Response: Due to the negligence of the management staff, the water pressure of the eye washer was too high and was not dealt with in time.The administrative department shall immediately arrange personnel to deal with it and arrange regular inspection to ensure that the eyewash can play the role of emergency irrigation.