Conscious Shopping with Plain Tiger

Veshin currently collaborates with various brands and businesses, which share the same principles of sustainability, transparency and the use of vegan materials. A business that is aligned to Veshin’s philosophy is Plain Tiger. The name “Plain Tiger” comes from the name of the butterfly, indicators of environmental health.


Oliver and Alexandra Baillie founded this business, located in Cape Town, South Africa, with the aim of sending the message that conscious shopping does not have to mean compromising the quality of the workmanship, the exclusivity or the desirability of the product.


Plain Tiger, the Africa’s first Net Zero Platform, is an e-commerce platform that curates premium ethical and sustainable fashion, beauty and home décor brands from all over the world.


The brand offers a curated range of products following their conscious criteria, offering the consumer the opportunity to live a luxury shopping experience that respects the environment.


All products under the Plain Tiger brand follow the following criteria: 

  • Ethical: All products are primarily made from materials and ingredients which meet the criterias of Eco-friendly, Organic, Natural & Recycled 
  • Fair Trade: Materials are never purchased under the market price
  • Sustainable Materials: No use of leather or fur
  • Slow-made: Production leading to low waste
  • Cruelty-free: No animal testing, no animals are harmed


Plain Tiger’s Carbon Zero strategy is divided into 3 fundamental points:

  • All products available on the site must meet our conscious criteria.
  • They take every possible step to reduce our direct carbon emissions.
  • They offset all remaining emissions through their partnership with Pachama.


Plain Tiger collaborates with brands from all over the world both in the field of fashion, home and beauty. In addition, on the site there is an area dedicated to the latest trends that can be useful for those who want more information about ecological brands. 


The most difficult challenge today is to project the consumer of luxury goods into a conscious shopping perspective. Plain Tiger works with dedication and effectiveness to bridge the gap between luxury and conscious shopping, providing customers with the opportunity to discover an uncompromising range of luxury products that are sustainably produced.