About MareBlu

MareBlu is an Environmental Conservation Organization, based in Costa Rica, founded 4 years ago by director and activist, Geronimo Ciuti Z. MareBlu’s Volunteer Camp is located inside of Punta Leona Resort, which is an hour’s drive from San Jose International Airport. This location allows MareBlu to be close to many beaches, that desperately need our help. Plastic Pollution from the main rivers of San Jose combined with poor commercial fishing practices are the major sources of contamination on the coastlines.


The main mission of MareBlu is making the oceans, rivers, and coastlines plastic free primarily through their coastal cleanup expeditions. MareBlu also has a regenerative programs approach that are possible thanks to our international volunteer program.

MareBlu's Initiatives

Upcycling Center

Our new upcycling center will be one of a kind facility on the central pacific of Costa Rica. We do not believe in retrieving plastic pollution from the environment and sending it to the Municipal Land fill. It is with that in mind, that we are creating the Upcycling center. First to motivate recycling in the area, and second but most important to create products from te plastic we retrieve from the ocean, directly in our facility.

Turtle Hatchery

The turtle hatchery project, is the next chapter in conservation for Mareblu. It will be established at the end of 2021 and beginning of 2022. Several studies indicate that these beaches are getting a growing number of turtle nests per year, but the beach does not have the ideal characteristics for them to hatch properly. The turtle nesting hatchery will increase the number of successful nests to promote marine life recovery.

MareBlu Expedition Vehicle

One of our newest Mareblu projects is the MX1, the first Plastic Recovery Expedition vehicle in CR, set out to work hard on difficult to reach beaches and coastlines. This rugged Isuzu NPS truck is going to take our crew on amazing experiences through Costa Rica, on our mission to clean our coastlines from plastic pollution and having an awesome time doing it. It is fitted with roof racks and a trailer to haul the plastic back to our headquarters and our up-cycling facility.

Our Involvement

In August 2022, Veshin Factory traveled with MareBlu to place these artificial reefs in the ocean. With many more plans to collaborate, Veshin Factory will continue to support MareBlu in their plastic clean up initiatives.