Five core pillars shape all of the actions and decisions made at Veshin. Each one reminds us of our commitment to build a kinder, greener world where people and the planet can both thrive.


Sustainability is at the heart of our operations. We aim to make the world a more circular, sustainable place by replacing harmful leather products with eco-friendlier ones.

From rain water collection to renewable energy use, we’re continuously seeking out ways to make our operations even more sustainable. We also use our place in the industry to support national and international conservation projects.


In nature, everything serves a purpose and nothing goes to waste.

Taking our cue from nature, we believe that next-gen materials hold the answers to a more sustainable, cruelty-free world. What’s more, a sustainable Veshin product is made to be disassembled and made again.


We believe that a truly circular world can only be achieved when all people have access to health, education, and opportunities.

We make sure our employees have development opportunities both in and outside of their work at Veshin. We also work with value-aligned charities, foundations and NGOs to give back on a larger scale.

We believe that by being more conscious, we can create positive change on a global scale.