"Starting under Hermia’s roof, and slowly transitioning from animal leather to only plant-based materials, Veshin hopes to keep growing its customer base. Pringle hopes that with time, the company will be known for its fun initiatives: planting vegetable gardens, installing table tennis tables, and setting up basketball hoops." - TVR
"Ultimately we are here for the same thing which is to leave our planet better than we found it. For anyone who spares this mindset they have to be at one with nature" - Fashion business mindset
“Obviously it’s challenging, when you’ve got eighty people, but I want to bring that culture to the company, have a yoga and meditation room in the factory.” - Transcendental meditation news


“Launched in the southern city of Guangzhou, Veshin says its factory seeks to “completely rewrite the rules” of the fashion supply chain by working with brands that champion sustainability, transparency and use animal-free products.”

“People just need to be shown how things in China are made. His transparency tactics will hopefully reverse a lot of that mindset.” 

“According to Euromonitor International, prior to COVID-19, China’s vegan food market is estimated to be worth nearly US$12 billion by 2023; the outbreak will likely have accelerated this”

“Veshin is here to showcase radical transparency by revealing everything that happens in the production process on a day-to-day basis through our social media accounts, as well as getting a B Corp Certification.”

“New sustainable fashion manufacturer aims to transform the global fashion industry. Veshin starts this revolution by making vegan handbags and accessories.”

“Xiao Wei has been the Executive Director of a luxury accessories factory in China for the past three years, and in that time has witnessed firsthand the insincere treatment from clients and brands. “

“In contrast to the conventional fashion industries, a major part in China, Veshin commits to use only vegan materials like plant-based leather, regenerated nylon, OEKO TEX-certified recycled polyester, organic cotton and Tencel lyocell for its purses, luggage and wallets.”

“…and through our F.A.K.E. Movement community, connected us to Joey Pringle, Co-Founder of Veshin Factory, a development & production facility who specializes in vegan bags made of pineapples, cacti, apples, and soon, mushrooms”

“It’s not a rebrand and nor is Veshin a startup in the traditional sense. What it is, is something entirely new, self-aware and aimed squarely at redefining sustainable manufacturing in Asia.”


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