Veshin is formed on a foundation of 5 core pillars. Sustainability, transparency, next-gen materials, giving back & raising consciousness. However it is the last pillar that is fundamental for global positive change. It is from the natural tree of global consciousness where the branches of all other values follow. We take a holistic approach & do not limit ourselves to being the best at one thing. We believe by raising consciousness not only will the fashion industry become more positive, but all industries. Our mission is to use Veshin as a vehicle to radiate this positive energy on a global scale.

For us, sustainability is not just a buzz word but a term that represents our desire to create a more harmonious relationship between humanity and nature capable of preserving our place on planet earth for generations to come. As environmentalists, it is important to remind ourselves that our mission is not to protect the earth itself (it thrived perfectly for millions of years before us and will no doubt continue to do so long after!) but to protect the environment upon it capable of sustaining human life. We believe that by raising consciousness through both our presence and our work, we can play a small part in encouraging humanity to adopt a more sustainable way of living that will preserve our place on earth for many eons to come.


Being sustainably progressive means taking a holistic approach to conducting businesses and creating processes & products that are in harmony with nature. Through our focus on biodiversity and commitment to protect & restore critical species of flora and fauna, we will actively address SDG 12, 13, 15, and 3 in Veshin’s operations while moving to a circular economy through industrial symbiosis systems, creating an interconnected network that collectively optimizes material and energy use in our operations. 

In practice, Veshin will reduce waste generation through prevention, reduction, recycling, and reuse, using safe, recycled or renewable inputs while supporting the plant-based movement. 

An environmentally sustainable Veshin product will be made to be made again using next-gen materials and leather alternatives, focussing on zero-waste & durable design while eliminating substances of concern.


Showing people, and especially employees and surrounding communities, that we are here for them is the core of Veshin’s social sustainability vision. This will be implemented in line with the concepts of a triple bottom line, which places people at the same level as the planet and profits, and consider all human needs as defined by Maslow’s hierarchy. 


In practice, Veshin will ensure that its entire supply chain meets the standards set by the Fair Wear Foundation code of labour, with a particular focus on non discrimination. Going beyond that, it will aim to provide self actualisation to all stakeholders, by making sure that all other needs are met, including a living wage, and by encouraging a mindful and happy life. 


A strong foundation of trust is key to achieve a positive way of working, with employees, suppliers, customers and consumers. Trust can only be achieved through full transparency and the inclusion of all stakeholders in decision making processes, ensuring that different needs are met. 


A sustainable Veshin product will bring net positive impact to communities, with the goal to give back, contributing to SDGs 10, 1, 3, 4 and 5.