The Fashion Revolution Solution: Women

One in six people are employed to work in the fashion industry. It seems that there is always, no more than one or two degrees of separation from someone who has a connection into the fashion world, whether it be big or small. With those one in six workers, 80% of those workers, are women. Thus, these women represent the backbone of an industry that is worth almost $3 trillion per year today. Unfortunately, behind the curated fashion lens, these women are experiencing gender wage gaps, unequal chances with their male counterparts, and unsafe working conditions. 


This highly competitive industry must introduce a new dominant cultural narrative where transparency, human rights, the dignity of the worker, and conservation become a driving force for the public and the fashion industry. As a driving force in the industry, Veshin Factory limits the number of production lines to ensure the staff has enough space to work in a clean open working environment while being able to walk around comfortably. The factory is located in Guangzhou, China but Veshin hold’s itself to the same standards as a Western society with increased benefits and creates a positive, safe environment for their workers. Specializing in luxury vegan leather and premium recycled synthetics, Veshin is able to keep costs high for brands which alleviate any pressure to require overtime from the workers. In seasons requiring high volume orders like Christmas, the workers will work overtime but receive time off in compensation for their work. 


Fashion Revolution is sounding the alarm on an industry that reinforces inequality, devalues the voices of minority groups, women, and non-western perspectives. Veshin Factory is built on a philosophy centered around sustainability, transparency, and environmentally progressive values. At Veshin, ethical and fair salaries are paid to all staff. Within the manufacturing industry, this is extremely rare, most factory workers are typically paid by piece completion. Being a factory focused on progression, Veshin encourages and supports any staff member that aspires to improve their English by providing grants to further their education. This not only improves the lives of Veshin’s staff but it also helps Veshin build as a company. 


From a consumerist perspective, millennial women expend 226% more on clothes per year than men. Still, throughout the supply chain, seeing women in positions of power is scarce, whether it be in a managerial position or within the manufacturing industry itself. 


With women at the fashion industry’s core, the industry has more than an environmental problem, this is an important women’s issue that the industry must address. For the past three years, female executive Xiao Wei has been Veshin’s Executive Director of luxury accessories. China-born Wei attended school at Marangoni School of Fashion in Milan, receiving her Master’s in Fashion. 


Veshin is here to showcase radical transparency by revealing everything that happens throughout the production process daily via our social media accounts, as well as becoming B Corp Certified. The company aims to provide its clients with the most environmentally progressive, yet uniquely designed products in the accessories industry. This mission includes taking action to create the systemic change that is urgently needed across the fashion industry.