The Veshin Revolution

For decades, the bare minimum has been done in the fashion manufacturing industry, and horrors like the collapse of Rana Plaza in 2013 are not uncommon; fast fashion companies are only perpetuating the problems. Negative impacts of the fast fashion industry have created a vacuum for change; a void which Veshin is working to fill. 


Fashion Revolution Week is about, bringing people together from across the world, amplifying unheard and marginalized voices, and working together to explore innovative and interconnected solutions in the fashion industry. The human exploitation and ecosystem degradation around us is the product of centuries of colonialism and globalized exploitation. There has been a disconnect between the western world and the world that is manufacturing the clothes the western world consumes. This disconnect was never acceptable or responsible and that is why transparency is at the forefront of Veshin’s values. 


At Veshin, we are a part of the change, we understand that a healthy environment depends on the health of the planet. A hybrid of “ve” for vegan and “shin,” Chinese for the heart, Veshin is a sustainable and ethical factory in Guangzhou, China manufacturing luxury handbags out of innovative textiles like Mushroom leather, Cactus leather, and Pinatex. 


Veshin is a future-focused factory that aims to conserve and restore the environment and values, people and planet, over growth and profit. We aim to empower other factories to be more socially responsible and that is what sets us apart because our approach is that we don’t live in fear of competition, we want to inspire our competition.