Made In Italy

When Veshin looks to expansion overseas there are two ways to approach this. One build a new factory from the start or two accelerate growth through collaboration. With collaboration at the forefront of Veshin’s values it is the latter that we go for. Being in the luxury bags market, of course producing in Italy was always an idea. Virginia, our resident Italian Director of Sustainability, has had experience working with Social Enterprises, both directly and through Yunus Social Business, through which it got in contact with Cartiera. The project was amazing, and Virginia saw a lot of alignment between Cartiera and Veshin’s values. “Why build a new factory in Italy, when there is an amazing project that we can work with directly?”.

Cartiera’s work with refugees and asylum seekers adds an incredibly powerful message to the next-gen material story. On a maxi-bench, the meeting between Joey and Andrea, the founders of Veshin and Cartiera happened in July 2023, and the idea for this collaboration was born, and launched in September.

Together, we’re not just forging a partnership; we’re forging a more sustainable, mindful & ethically progressive future.

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