For us, sustainability is not just a buzz word but a term that represents our desire to create a more harmonious relationship between humanity and nature capable of preserving our place on planet earth for generations to come.  We believe that by raising consciousness through both our presence and our work, we can play a small part in encouraging humanity to adopt a more sustainable way of living that will preserve our place on earth for many eons to come.


Veshin’s 5 Value Pillars


Sustainability is embedded in our working philosophy. Zero waste & working towards a circular economy will always be at the forefront of our thinking.


Radical transparency is what sets us apart. We are BSCI certified, but we plan to go above & beyond traditional certification culture.

Next-Gen Materials

At Veshin, we don’t believe in using animal based products. An environmentally sustainable Veshin product will be made to be made again using next-gen materials and leather alternatives.

Giving Back

Through our conservation & philanthropist values we give back to support aligned charities, foundations and NGO’s. Our goal is to become B CORP certified and we strive to work with as many fellow B CORP’s as possible.

Meditation & Consciousness

It starts from the top down. Meditation, promoting wellness & raising consciousness is the key to global change.

What We Do:

◦ Production: we are an OEM manufacturer producing bulk orders for a variety of different products

◦ Design & Development: We are here to advise and support you on your ideas, designs and specifications leveraging our diverse teams’ skill sets and experience

◦ Sourcing: We are here to support & problem solve your sustainability headaches to ensure the most environmentally progressive materials are used & sourced.

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