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Technical Design

From concept to tech pack

  1. Moodboards will be created based on your brief. We can advise on shapes, colours, materials, and hardware, based on our research and experience.
  2. Strategy and concept meeting: The first stages of any design process is understanding your vision and creating a collection based on your unique branding, as created through the moodboards.
  3. Once the design is finalised, the front view CAD/sketches will be produced in Adobe Illustrator, to scale and in black outline.
  4. Once the front view design has been approved. The back/side/base/interior wall views CAD/sketches will be produced in Adobe Illustrator, to scale and in black outline.
  5. Once all the CADS/sketches are approved. The detailed tech pack will be completed, which will include all materials, colours, measurements, hardware, trims, logo placement, reinforcement indications, and any other details.
  6. Paper mock-up of the pattern to make sure all the dimensions, proportions and construction are correct. Make any amendments to the tech pack, if necessary.

Next steps:

  1. Make an inquiry via the get in touch form.
  2. Select Tech Pack services in the form
  3. Fill out the rest of the form
  4. A free of charge introduction call will be setup
  5. Quote will be sent
  6. Upon approval of quote, work will begin

3D Design & Sampling

Go digital with our virtual sampling services!

Why Try 3D Sampling?


We can create your next design in a fraction of the time it would take to make a physical sample, while reducing waste and our reliance on virgin resources.


We can help you confirm the look, dimensions and hardware of your sample before you are required to purchase any raw materials or open any moulds.


Stop wasted budget on samples that don’t go to production. Spend your sampling budget on products going straight to production.

1. A zoom call will booked to make sure we know what you'd like to achieve with your 3D model. This can include static JPEG renders, GLB files, live viewing, etc. I'll also confirm the look and feel of the bag and go through any points on the tech pack that I might need further information on. 
2. A quote will be submitted for approval. Once everything is approved, the project will start.
3. A model will then be built out according to your tech pack and BOM. Any custom hardware or logos will also be created in 3D. 
4. An initial concept will be send (JPEG static renders) to check the model and get feedback from the client.
5. The model will then be adjusted accordingly and rendered using KeyShot. All the materials and colour spec will be added according to the BOM and rendered. 
6. You'll get a front, side, back, top, base, 3/4 view in JPEG format. If an interior view is required, an additional fee will be added.
7. All files will then be delivered via a downloadable link (WeTransfer etc.) so you can easily download the model and use them across your platforms.

Next steps:


1. Please send a full teck pack which includes dimensions, CADs, BOM, construction comments etc. All colour options should have a Pantone/HEX number and hardware colour should be specified. Material swatches should be submitted and any prints should be send as an Ai file in the correct repeat block.
2. Book a free of charge kick off call to specify where the model will be used.


Sourcing sustainably can be a very challenging thing to achieve. With many obstacles, catch 22’s & mini mountains to climb it can be overwhelming at the best of times. We are here to support & problem solve your sustainability headaches to ensure the most environmentally progressive materials are used & sourced.

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Design & Development

We are here to advise & support you on your ideas, designs and specifications. Through our sampling process we will ensure we reach bulk production offering the best product you can.


OEM manufacture (Original equipment manufacture). According to your unique design and specifications we can execute bulk production for a variety of different products.