NFW’s categorically unique plastic-free, leather alternative, MIRUM®, has taken the luxury accessory market by storm. Now, Veshin Factory’s expert designers and craftspeople have created a white label catalogue to expand access to MIRUM® and support brands looking to replace plastic-based alternatives for MIRUM®’s superior, plastic-free performance. The team at Veshin brings decades of design expertise and craftsmanship to their work with MIRUM®, which will make it easier than ever before for brands to quickly source, design, scale, and launch products using NFW’s groundbreaking plastic-free technologies.

More good, not less bad.

MIRUM® scales positive change by focusing on where our materials come from, where they go, & how they're made. Created from nature’s abundance, we build up natural ingredients instead of breaking them down. Plants. Not plastic® MIRUM® is made of the same elements that make up soil: plants and minerals. At the end of life MIRUM® returns to soil as food, it is bioneutral, non-toxic, and durable.

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